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List of contributors

Nick Sayers

a photo of Nick Sayers

A keen cyclist and freelance graphic designer, Nick has a client list and portfolio focused on arts, music, film and community work. He has a passion for typography, having designed a number of his own fonts. To see Nick's website here.

Lizzie Lee

a photo of artist Lizzie Lee

Lizzie Lee has extensive experience of creating art out of recycled plastic and has some teaching experience around the Sussex area. To see Lizzie's website click here.

Elizabeth Mienert

a photo of artist Elizabeth Mienert

Elizabeth comes from an arts and film background and has 5 years experience working with local councils, statutory organisations and arts providers in a project management and community development capacity. To see Elizabeth's website click here.

Angus Whitty

a photo of artist Angus Whitty

Angus has many influences having travelled widely and working in a huge range of diciplines. These include, but are not limited to, photography, film, sculpture and journalism. To see Angus's website click here.

Grethe Mangala Jensen

a photo of puppeteer Grethe Mangala Jensen

The puppeteer Grethe Mangala Jensen is a unique communicator with the ability to tell stories without using standard language, but rather with sounds and music and made-up speech that can be universally understood and is successfully utilised in the Shadow Theatre performance. To see Grethe's Facebook page click here.

Jason Abrahams

a photo of singer Jason Abrahams

Jason Abrahams is an experienced singer with bags of charm and a distinctive voice bursting with heart and soul. He performs many of the greatest swing numbers of all time and somehow makes you feel like you’ve hearing them for the very first time. To see Jason's website click here.

Mike Mendoza

a photo of actor Mike Mendoza

Mike has been in the entertainment industry for over 40 years. His background includes acting, singing, comedy. He is a radio and television performer Having been a night time presenter on talksport radio and a number one commercial radio show at night time in the UK. He isurrently presenting Radio Show for the USA. To see Mike's contact details click here.

Laura Nixon

a photo of Laura Nixon as Marilyn Monroe

Having impersonated Marilyn Monroe since she was 16, Laura Nixon perfected her portrayal. She has been hired by Chrysler, HSBC, Phones 4 U, Gay Pride, British Airways and Marie Curie amongst others. Laura says "I always feel very honoured to be able to represent Marilyn, It isn’t always an easy job but it’s always a lot of fun". To see Laura's website click here.

The Firetones

a photo of The Firetones

The Firetones are a four-piece classic Roll 'n' Roll band playing covers of classics from the 50s and 60s. They are available to play for private functions, corporate event, clubs and festivals and, although based in West Sussex, have played all over England. To see The Firetones' website click here.

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