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Mercutio Loves Romeo

'Mercutio Loves Romeo’ a play by Elizabeth Mienert, at The Latest Music Bar 8th and 14th May, 3rd and 4th June as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival 2016. Mercutio Loves Romeo is a story about a transgender man to woman, who starts work in a straight club only to discover that her ex gay-lover is one of the ’straight' bouncers working on the door.

Mercurio Loves Romeo is a play promoting transgender understanding and acceptance. The play puts a spot light on gender-dysphoria and the widely reported problems of suspicion, misunderstanding, verbal and physical abuse that often accompany it. Our talented cast of ethnically diverse actors will bring our production to life, promoting the real value that diversity brings, encouraging new audiences and new ways of thinking.

Our production is set over 2 floors on a quiet central-Brighton street, the Latest Music Bar is providing the perfect environment to enjoy a site-specific, immersive theatre performance, of Mercutio loves Romeo, a Romantic Drama written by Elizabeth Mienert.

The play is set in a nightclub, and provides interactive opportunities to the audience, as the action unravels promenade style. The audience follows the actors over 2 floors and outside the building, as they watch the story unfold and experience the live action as if they were punters at the club.

This play wishes to promote inclusiveness about sexuality and gender, raise awareness of issues facing the transgender and non-binary community, and proposes that already a more fluid approach to sexuality and gender is fast becoming the new normal.

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